Trust lost is Hurricane

Trust is an imaginary boundary that brings people together. Trust lost has a tremendous effect on one’s personality. I wonder how far we can trust each other. Sometimes, person so close to our heart seems to be harmful than being a good supporter.  It is a human tend to show trustworthy at initial. That is why in the process of conversation we share our common perspectives, ideas, views, emotions, feelings and opinions as if we are like-minded people to stay eternally.

We never predict things would go in otherwise as we talk and stay together. We never think of the circumstance that can divide and hurt us. Till date, I personally make conversation straight to the point whether they grow alone with me or not are secondary and primarily I make my stand clear.

For instance, I have a friend whom I believed and thought that is best and good. So far and till date I never thought and expected to know his character but naturally it tabled. Only recently I come to learn his true color, character, and behaviour. What I heard the long back became fact now. I caught him red-handed. Be careful in trusting friend by circumstance, if you don’t want to regret later.  Otherwise, it will be too late to regret later on. For me, timely knowing is the blessing in disguise. Thus, trust lost is a hurricane because to regain and rebuild image it will take immense time and effort. I urged everyone to be vigilant with our attitudes and action. 

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