Not So Surprise

We must be alert and do work with prove. Otherwise, there are some crook’s who willing to question. Such a crook will never go up in their life. Just being a crook they are pointing even nitty-gritty things. Grow up and keep your personal attitude within the self. Don’t bring in the workplace. I am not so surprised, I can sense from such crook people all the time. So the more they point, the more I am able to manage people according to the law of the workplace.

There are some ways to communicate. Nobody should show an attitude like that. I know everyone is working. We are paid for that. I like their work but not a point raised today. I have noticed that sometimes they fail to do work and have an excuse. I never want to react and accused like them. I am so fortunate today, whatever, communication done yesterday was to the point and they cannot accuse me any further.

Could be feeling insecure about me being a manager. But everyone should need to know I as a manager, I shall never mix the personal and professional together at the workplace like they did so and they are going to do every time. But nothing to fear. It only makes me strong and gives me the strength to work more. I thank crook people and consider them as a teacher who teaches me a lesson every now and then. Thank you once again.

If you don’t like me no issue. If you don’t do work according to the norms would be an issue. Since I have noticed you are targetting me, I shall not take any revenge, instead, love to work together for the fulfillment and achieving the vision of the workplace.


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