I like person, not professional integrity

Every person is right. Everyone is doing and play their role. That’s what we need to do, and everyone will appreciate it. Right is right, even if you don’t like and wrong is wrong, even if you are saying right.

However, I am surprised and amazed to learn some people are not only targeting individuals but using personal vendetta while shouldering responsibility. I have recently noticed some people miss using their role in targeting and spying based on emotional indifference. That’s quite hurting. I could not get concrete reasons for keeping their eyes and ears to the individuals.

But I assume that they are mixing professional roles to personal differences. If so, why are they integrating it into personal vendetta? These people are scary. I wonder what types of mindset and attitude they are carrying. Their attitude and mindset reflect a lot. How can we be work together with such people? Now, I will never make a personal attack against anyone, and I should not react to this. My reaction is simply a waste of energy and time to this brainless and worthless people.

The only thing we can do is teach a lesson to these people. No one can destroy a person but his mindset. Likewise, no one can destroy iron, but its rust can. If they don’t like it, they can disagree with the issues, but not doubt intent in any way. They can make open criticism but should not consider a personal vendetta. We have to respect each other if we destroy each other, who will have trust and faith.

The only way forward is we have to understand each other, keep personal differences and ego aside, and let’s work together. Never use your role to destroy and target each other. Look into more considerable interest!.

Thank you!

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