Stay Safe! Stay well!

I am shocked today. I am not worried today. I have no fear at all. But I pose doubt and intention, why people are after someone else knowingly. I wonder, do they have some personal grudge? Did they wait for such an opportunity to question us? Am I a criminal to be a guard? Does my presence in that particular area pose a serious security threat? This question still lingers in my mind.
From my side, I accept my mistake. I don’t think I have created disharmony. I don’t think I did intentionally. It happened coincidentally. To do that is not our intention. Not in my mind also. I am not aware of timing, but later only I saw in WeChat group shared by someone that tells us we are not supposed to be. The host also informs me. That alarms me. So to avoid conflict, I waited for a few hours, but still, they monitored a scene. I am waiting for their understanding. So I regret wishing and hoping for that. It was no use when somebody took advantage of their role.
Later, I decided to get out of the scene. The moment I step out, I could hear a voice “questioning timing.” My response is straightforward. I am here for almost two hours now. I told nobody is here when I arrived. So the conversation began and said, “problem is with me not with others.” I am ready to bear the consequence according to the law and order of the nation. I also expressed by grievance and concern of their present’s and carefully targeting hurt a lot. I am hurt since I knew their intention.
I am of the view that our intention should be pure. It should not be an opportunity to target an individual. We are human beings. We can think. We are never perfect. One’s intention needs to be pure in judgment. To cause an inconvenience is never the wisdom of His Majesty, the king of Bhutan. Well! a serving nation, serve with humanity.

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