Why are people not following instructions?

Image represent among 100, one never listen instruction

Today’s news is not good. It is hurt me a lot. As soon as I could hear this news. I am struck. Why people are so selfish? Why can’t they follow instructions? Do they have no ear to listen to? Or Are they not educated, person? I think they should have the heart to read and listen with what is going around if he/she is an educated person? Are they testing the patient of a leader to take a hash decision?

Our King, Prime Minister along with COVID-19 task-force is making an effort to fight against the pandemic. At this moment cooperation from every individual is a must for the safety of the community. But people are taking otherwise, not following the due process after repeated reminders. How can we fight against this global pandemic, if one felt to aide by the public order?

However, still heartless, thoughtless, unpatriotic are still there looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the situation to fulfill their own desire. Such people are brainless. They breach the instruction and never follow the public order. Especially, people should be extra careful not only to follow public order but also while entering the premise of monastic institutions, Colleges, Schools, and other public areas for the larger interest. If anyone knows, he/she is new-comer to your own area immediately call respective official – to stop spreading the virus to one another before it is too late.

Moreover, if we don’t want a further extension of lock-down – one thing we can do is cooperate and bear inconvenience cause for a time being. As Prime Minister and Health Minister have informed the general public that lifting of lock-down depends on the cooperation of the general public, not a virus.

This global pandemic has reached as far as Sakaling in Mongar, apart from Paro, Gelephu, and Phuntsholing. This is high time we should follow updates of news and take precautions accordingly. So that together we fight against this global pandemic spreading further to the whole community.

Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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