Recalling life inside a Karaoke

Karaoke is now so popular in Bhutan. It is now a form of entertainment, refreshments, recreational and enjoyment for music lovers. Initially, it is popular in Japan and the Philippines as a form of interactive entertainment where they play a popular song. Usually, in karaoke I have noticed lyrics are displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color and music video images, and it guides the singer. In my observation, this is a good way of running the business to earn within a short period.

Everyone is so excited to visit karaoke in groups and some visitors as a single. Once we are at karaoke we think life is a continuous process and then involves to singes and dance with friends and join the grouds to enjoy together. As I enter karaoke I question myself once; why we have less time with family at home? What makes us abandon or keep away from our beloved?. Do we go to karaoke with right intentions? Are we moving with our clear conscious, right thoughts and right attitudes? Do ones present in karaoke indicates good personality or reputation? What perspective does it give to society when we are at karaoke? When I arise such questions it does mean that I m against nor it indicates my good personality. Yes, I do visit karaoke and this is my second-year winter residential at Samtse that gave me a chance to know what karaoke means.

In my experience life inside a karaoke, the hall seems as if in heaven. Everyone is excited. Musical sound and songs are loved by everyone. I could see the different walk of people is gathered. Nobody is in sorrow. Sometimes opinion as to if people present in karaoke have the same mood, same feeling, common thought to enjoy a day after heavy work. Here everyone is enjoying the music and songs of their choices. One after another they take the chance to show their talents and skills to express how they like to behave and act.

Usually, in such night gathering I have noticed people of different actions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, talents, styles, and so on. Drinking, hugging, dancing, smoking, and illegitimate love affairs is common scene inside a karaoke. Due to this, I could sense man and woman enjoying out of consciousness or with conscious. To build more confident some takes heavy drinks. However, there are also customers just come to listen to music and to observe an atmosphere of karaoke. In noticing it some thoughts linger in my mind whether they are faithful to their beloved at home.  Particularly in karaoke, I enjoy customers are educated, people.  So they are utilizing their time fruitfully in two ways, study and as a recreational or mind refreshing.

To me, it is part of the recreational purpose.  I get a chance to interact with new friends and to meet old colleagues great opportunity us to know each other and interact with acquaintances. This gives another occasion to meet and share our feeling on the sidelines of listening to kinds of music. In my opinion, Karaoke is the best platform if we go with good intention and attitudes. But if we are not careful of what one is doing then there is high risk. So take care of your life along with enjoyment. Be mindful of temporary pleasure and look for sustainable pleasure.   

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