Reflecting on a bygone day

Life is so short and uncertain. Everyone agreed with it! No argument. But where are we heading? I am not sure whether we are civilised human beings or not. We act as if we are not at all educate people sometimes. I am a listener and will continue to be a great listener. I shall never try to object if anyone’s says it possess logic and merits to listen. If I never listen and think that what I say is perfect itself is an error.

Sometimes I wonder am I doing justice to myself also. I do what I know is only the principle that guides me in everyday life. Because I am taught and exposed to that extent only. I could hear gossip here and there. Gossiping became a tradition of human beings from the day we are able to talk and walk. Some people are lucky that they are grown up in the tradition where principles of the positive force are adopted.

I have observed so many lessons as a leader. Whether I work sincerely or not is secondary, everyone desires their leader to listen to them and achieve what they are wishing or desiring.  To listen I feel comfortable but having their influence over the decision is so hazardous. Among that mixing professional integrity and personal level is worse of worse in its kind.  A person of substance is rare and if have one among them is great. Because a person of substance would always guide us and will be there morally to nurture us and guide us everyone and then.

But my stand is clear as crystal. I don’t want to be biased, prejudice, and dictator in shouldering the responsibility. My rationale would be to have a fair as possible. I think having fair judgement is only the option in life to sustain. If my judgement is wrong or in doubt I always seek the invention or advice of the immediate leader, not a boss. Where I don’t get is when taking a decision or standing their say based on the hearsay and target to defame or manipulating the fact and figure of an earlier decision. That did not happen so far but will never happen in future too.

The biggest problem we see today is undermining, underestimating, discouraging, always ready to point someone, and ego within an individual will judge others he can’t, and so on. In reality, nobody wishes to come forward with solutions by putting themselves in someone’s shoes. To comment, and criticise is not a hard job. At that moment self-control is the strength to get to a point where our mood does not shift based on the insignificant actions of some else. Assuring that someone does affect me to control the direction of my life is of utmost importance.

I observe that whether one makes fair or not, we can’t make everyone happy and appreciate someone’s work until someone benefits or gain in some way. I cannot make anyone happy and appreciates me. I don’t need their certificate and recognition. And no one is eligible to award me a certificate other than His Majesty the King and the root teacher. If I hurt the root guru and the His Majesty the King then I am creating a serious crime in this life. If I were to owe and be indebted, I owe to His Majesty’s visionary leadership and to my root teacher in this lifetime.

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