Stop barking and investigate within self

Make better Judgment

If you have a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment against someone stops barking. And remember; ‘when the dog barks mountain may not fall down’. So I have no time to reply and argue for your insult and ill attitude forward me. I have no problem. I have no issue. I will remain as same person. I have done nothing wrong to hurt you. If you don’t believe it. You think, investigate and enquire whom you trust and explore within self. That will provide you enough satisfaction.

Judging and assuming that someone complained against you without clear substance will hurt you and invite unnecessary problem within self. It would be better if you could do little investigation before you say and write something against someone. Without investigation whatever allegation you put would go vain and just wasting your time and energy. Instead of that chant some Buddhist mantra to gain merits and erase the obstacle in one’s life. Because god only is true and trust worthy.

Sometime dialogue within self is required time and again. Many a time in the past and at present people has made acquisition based on the assumption. Therefore, do not claim to be expert in judgment. Instead of finding fault in other better prove clean within self.  No need to show one’s ego, accept the mistake and be a learner. It is better to continue to learn and accept the mistake. We are the human being, we are prone to make a mistake. Knowing and recognizing the mistake is important but most importantly learn to correct within oneself. Through self-exploration, feedbacks and by judging one’s integrity i.e., good human code of conduct.

In this 21st century, human code of conduct is a must. Whether you are highly qualified or renowned person, it has no value. There is no use of advising and imparting education to other, if we don’t have morality within self. So stop barking and investigate within self.

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