To whom it may concern!

Just observe positive energy

Dear friends
I am writing this piece.  Just to communicate my message to you. Hope you will not mind getting its essence. I am overjoyed that we meet as an acquittance and now it is time for you to know who I am. Sometime; I think you are developing a miscommunication to hurt yourself, which I never mean. We have spent adequate time closely. So accept my style of dealing with people and surrounding.  

I am a straightforward man who never pauses and at a moment developed into a blunt. But that do not show I am firing you, harnessing you and an ill will against you. I love everyone, will continue to understand our relationship for a conducive environment. Please show your natural acceptance in our relationship.

Natural acceptance is an essential capability to hear, see, think, move, etc… present in each of us. It is flawless and invariant. We only have to pay attention to it, to start “seeing” it. For example, ask yourself this question:  ‘Is trust naturally acceptable to me in relationship, or is mistrust naturally acceptable?’ What is the answer? It turns out that trust is naturally acceptable to you in relationship.

Similarly, ask yourself another question: “Do you want to live in relationship with others or do i want to live in opposition with others?” The answer is- live in relationship with others. we find that we get the answer from within ourselves and it is spontaneous. The answer is there in us, naturally. We only need to trace them. we call this ability the natural acceptance.

Sometime ask ourselves another very basic question: Do I want to be happy? The answer is a very quick yes! How did you get this answer? Through your natural acceptance.  In this way, try to calm your reaction by asking deep within yourself, you will access these answers yourself. This natural acceptance is there in each one of us, it is what we most spontaneously, most desire.You don’t have to import this natural acceptance from outside; you don’t have to learn from somewhere! 

So I urge my friends to enjoy with me through natural acceptance. Say no to opposition! Say hello!  to ‘what you really want to be?’ 

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