Trust Ken-cho-sum only

We are just a guest. We may not know when we’ll leave and how long we’ll stay. Every fraction of second is uncertain. We may know how short our life is. But irony of people around us is that they think and assume, otherwise.

In this world, everything is impermanence. God alone is true friend. God alone we can trust. This life is short, trust Ken-cho-sum only. Trusting god alone will give us happiness and joy over a limitless period of time. Ken-cho-sum will direct our fortune in better way at present and future. We need to keep a faith and devotion to the triple gem unquestioningly. Believing god is arising, awaking and not stopping till we reach the goal.

For instance, let’s take friendship at work place. We enjoy when we are together. We share our emotions, feelings, thoughts and joys as if we are to live forever as a friend. We also think we are like-minded person and we can walk along to pursue of our goal together. However, within a few second, one comment and remarks can turn to disaster. Thus, in this short life trust ken-cho-sumonly.

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