Understanding within one-self: True feedback

It is human nature to seek feedback and look for the world beyond within. That’s how whenever I asked for some kind of feedback, automatically alertness and curiosity also develop. Especially in my profession feedback is mandatory by rule. Yes, I accept the fact that feedback is must for the conducive environment. Now think who’ll give you true feedback? Sometimes I think understanding myself is better than other understanding of me. No need to depend on others but trying to be independent is best. Some may ask how can I do that? It is very simple. Define the purpose of life can be one way of doing it. For that, you need to make self-exploration, self-investigation and right understanding within. Then think whether your feeling, thought and expectation is following natural acceptance or unnatural acceptance. Will your action and attitude can improve the relationship or it will bring contradiction. 
For example, generally, people around us never judge their action and attitude but make’s direct conclusion upon others based on assumption. In reality, it depicts the problem is not with other but with you. In this case, you fail to recognize your right understanding and make an evaluation. But sometime our evaluation may be wrongly identified like over-evaluation, under-evaluation, and otherwise-evaluation. 
Similarly, if I ask my friends to give me a true suggestion and feedback, I don’t think they will provide a right and correct, instead of directing and being a critical friend they usually flatter good thing or create a fund out of it. To be frank, I have never observed their trust, potential, and confidence to me. However, from their response, I can sense the intention of doubt, judging my competence, my capability to perform like others. This occurs due to lack right attitude and right feeling which always invite opposition, not harmony within.
I think understanding myself within is better than seeking feedback from the outside world. Hereon, whatever I do my understanding is that I will always try to use the right understanding and right feeling to germinate harmony in the society at large and building good relationship for mutual fulfillment.

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