Truth’ll hurt You

It is excruciating sometimes the truth we tell hurt us. I thought for enough time and felt something wrong with the people around us. When facts are shared and told them, they believe and say good in front of us only. But in reality, these people are one who always tells and disseminates their perception after learning the fact from the first person. That’s the society we are living today.

The society we are living does not have a value to add and appreciate but has things to exaggerate and converting the truth into a lie. That’s what I now hereby will be mindful in dealing with people around and has received enough lesson to learn and acknowledge.

Till date, I told truth to the people around and whomever I enact as a stranger. Because I believe in the principle of fact rather than exaggerating and distorting the fact into a lie. I have also encounter varieties of people, who tell a lie, bossy, straightforward, short-tempered, kind and humble, sensitive and ready to react, etc..

Some people whom I know are great expertise in telling a lie and extravert in nature. Their behavior is opposite to their professionalism. Interestingly not willing to listen to their chief and abide by the code of conduct of the organization. They always think they are above law, no one to tame them. How long we can lie people and society we are living? Truth should prevail with the grace of God. Otherwise, our society will turn into a disaster and disharmony will prevail.

We are human being we tend to make a mistake. We can also improve if we are mindful enough. However, when a person tells the truth and abides by the law and order of the nation. How can some people treat he/she likes someone who breaches the law and order of the nation? That’s unfair and it’s misleading a society we are living in. Thus, I trust a god and believe in its fairness to prevail every time, now and then. Keep our faith in triple-gem. God alone is a true friend.

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