I am an Emotional Creature

Author by Eve Ensler

“I am an Emotional Creature” is written by Eve Ensler reveals ‘The secret life of girls around the world’. The author seems to be a playwriter and feminist.

I am not sure how this book arrived at my home. It is has been lying inside my book rack for a couple of months. So I thought, I need to read it once since the title of the book say’s “I am an emotional creature”. I just wondered what could be that emotional creature.

At first I thought it was for a younger reader, but it is for everyone. It really helps me open my eyes and empathize.

As I read, I found it powerful and a real message is passing to the reader about the hardship of every girl across the globe. I value the dialogues this has opened and also love Eve Ensler, and her feminist views.

This book is so amazing, everyone should read it and know the emotion of young teenage girls whose suffering are expressed through poetic forms. It took me 6 hours to finished reading in one sitting and once I start to read I don’t want it to end. So amazing book expressed in poetic form. 

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