I say, if you criticize, would you like to think of a solution?

It is no wonder, the biggest challenge we face today is not willing to work. It is not willing to work together. Among hundred, only a few people are willing to contribute and support. The place we work and live is surrounded by the complaining, undermining, discouraging, underestimating, ready to fire and point the finger at someone’s fall, ego clash, jealousy, judgemental, and possessive.

In reality, I have not seen anyone coming forward to serve a purpose other than entitlement. If there is no entitlement and authority, nobody is willing to shoulder the responsibility. There are many fake images of people around us. Some pretend to be good persons, in front of managers and bosses, or society. Nobody wishes to work, scarfing their family and time. Always looking for office hours and free time.

I think sometimes one needs to take a risk, a risk to dedicate time and energy for the larger interest. We need a person of substance with a mature mindset. With individualism first, the organization will become poor with rich employees. This type of person would be setback and disastrous. If continued for a longer period, it would ruin any institution. Sometimes, it is disheartening not rarely, most of the times anyone who works hard, the system cannot see to recognize and appreciate their contribution.

As a fact, people who aspire to work gets criticised always. It is those sluggish people who can’t move their hands, opts to open their mouth. If one get mattered by their perspective, then they will never stop. It is better to ignore.

To criticise, and comment is not a hard job. Anyone can do, if they are not benefited. We cannot make everyone onboard to be happy also. It is not an easy task. But to work with heart without expectation and recognition is a must in a society we are living in.

I say, if you criticize, would you like to think of a solution? What solution do you have? How would you deliver as a manager? To open a mouth is easy. If anyone is talented must come forward to work and be in someone’s shoes first. That is my say. My wish for anyone who opens their mouth louder. Be a humble person. Let’s cooperate and help each other in building the nation as aspire by His Majesty the King of Bhutan.

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