We are not on the same page

I have encountered so many people so far and will continue to meet and coexist with the human world till the last breath. What matters is the way everyone loves praise not a suggestion and comment. It is confusing to be safe where we are living at all. I observed and reflect every day in the evening what I am doing at least for a while. Sometimes, the work I am doing is enriching and satisfaction. Sometimes way I present myself in public is a lesson to learn.

It is easy to say and talk. People are always looking for one’s advantage and benefit at cost of learning and position. I am appraising now there are also some few who are willing to challenge and put their stand as usual. This is not the first time I am observed. I am also doing a thankless job timeserver because to whom we support to turn to be a great enemy. May be due to the ego one has. Ego is their problem, not my problem. I do not like to challenge egoistic human beings on this earth. I like to be a man of words. Dedicated to the responsibility and position that I am handling as a human being. There is no point to fight and feel bad about people. People come and go, nothing is permanent. My role is temporary; your role is temporary. Way they think now would be wrong when they hold responsibility. In real life, people should accept feedback and only egoistic human will challenge feedback and always look as a threat to their prestige. In real life, these people will talk only to benefit one’s side. Such human beings will never ever think a second to what someone did the right in professional life. Every point will be poison to him or her. A feeling of insecurity and depression is the only result of their own action.  

I grew up in a humble family and I know the real situations of a human being. Every problem has a solution if we take it positively. Negative are those with egoistic, whose life is full of mundane circumstances. I am always ready to reduce keep my distance from such a human whose rudeness supported by liked minded people is disastrous and a threat to professionalism. I am reminded once by my colleagues, Sangay you know “human beings will never react fast, we use brain and animal will never use brain and it depends on the instant. Differentiate between two”. This word still lingers in my heart and so never wish to react to avoid further misfiring of the situation.

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