King of Bhutan

Icon of My leadership: His Majesty the King

His Majesty the King of Bhutan is a great exemplary leader in the world. It will take eons to have such a great leader throughout the world. When leaders around the world are busy robbing their citizens’ tax money, His Majesty the king grant its citizens’ in the form of Kidu to needy people during vulnerable situation and circumstances. Kidu means “wellbeing” of the people and is a fundamental responsibility of the Bhutanese monarch, having been a traditional “royal prerogative” and now enshrined in the Constitution of Bhutan. Druk Yul Land of Thunder Dragon is blessed with such a benevolent and dynamic leadership of His Majesty the King of Bhutan for more than 110 years. We are continued with the blessing of the Wangchuck dynasty who rescue Bhutan from any kind of pandemic and chaos in the past and at present.

Peoples’ concerns and needs are the heart and soul of His Majesty the King of Bhutan. For an instant, His Majesty is worried about the unemployment scenario of the country with a pandemic, prolong for more than two years from now. Born from the heart of His Majesty, Dessung became an effective institute during the need of the hours. Thousands of the youth and civil servants are trained and necessary skills are provided not only to counter the emergency situation but also as a part of the long-term vision of the country. To address the issues of the people His Majesty travels day and night to the affected place to inspect and know the real life. This type of leader as a king is rare in the world. No king will sacrifice his time and wealth for the causes of the people. Actually, its citizens need to support the king but in Bhutan, His Majesty risks his own life for the causes of the people’s wellbeing and follows the same rule as a common man. The best example is abiding to be inside quarantine facilities after traveling to the high risks area like a common citizen.

If His Majesty’s leadership alone can bring impact, we the citizens of the country need to rethink to contribute and gear support in fulfilling the aspiration of the nation’s goal and vision. Our Politicians and local leaders should rethink their attitude in the serving nation like His Majesty the king. The power and position of the politicians and local leaders are not to abuse the misuse of the public fund but they should need to serve the country first and their goals and aspiration to serve themselves should be the last option.  

His Majesty is worried about the education of quality, economic growth, unemployment, and reforms in the Royal Government of Bhutan. His Majesty always aspires from Royal Civil Services Commission (RCSC) is “Big Change”. Where is this big change heading? Are we listening and decoding what His Majesty means by it? How far do we wait all the time? Is it a sole responsibility of the His Majesty? Can’t we contribute? How far is our system instituted is willing to change further? Is the old guard still reluctant to “big change”? What is the solution? We have found the problem. Are we willing to change within ourselves before changing others?

I have thought we do not require extensive study to explore the big change. We just have to act on it, every day beyond the call of duty. That is what I feel!

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