King of Bhutan

Must take serious of Royal Command

I hope every one of us is aware of His Majesty’s concern for his people. I am wordless to describe it. It is beyond my thoughts and imagination. We are blessed by Choe-chung-sung-ma, the guardian deity of Bhutan. To have a benevolent king whose reign enjoyed a feeling of peace and prosperity throughout the centuries by its citizens. When people around the world look for peace and political stability in their countries. Our king never failed to provide us with extraordinary dynamic leadership.

More than anyone of us His Majesty frequently traveling across the country during the pandemic speak his concern for the Bhutanese people. When nations around the world their political leaders looking for peace and comfort for themselves. Our King is concerned with the comfort of his citizens. The covid-19 pandemic is an example of His Majesty’s care and love towards his people. When the majority of the population across the world is affected by the pandemic, His Majesty commanded the government to provide basic needs of his people without disruption. Loans repayment is deferred. When a nation needed human resources during such a crisis, De-suung, a guardian of peace, became an instrument of people’s lifeline support and enhanced the spirit of volunteerism to undertake charitable work. Royal Kidu relief fund supported thousands of people who became unemployed due to covid-19. His majesty always provided first priority to his people’s welfare than himself.

Though, the pandemic is yet to end and to see its impact. His Majesty’s concern regarding national challenges is always in his heart. Several in the past and at present  during the ‘National Day”, His Majesty shared his concern towards the civil servants reforms. His Majesty said in Samtse ‘National Day, government may come and go but it is civil servants who would stay forever in institutions’. Again reminded last year’s 113th National Day, reforms in civil servants is required of time with the change in time. Among that  ‘corruption’ is great concern. Since corruption provide outlook of system into two form; ‘one for the poor and rich’. Now it is time to act by the government of day in upholding the ‘Royal Command and must take seriously’. I am of view ‘Royal Command’ should not left without implementation, it must fulfil with dignity. After all, if there is no king, we would become a direction less when political pledges made by the parties during election campaign becomes hopes of everyone.  We  owe His Majesty’s long life, peace, and prosperity under the dynamic leadership of Druk Gyalpo Jigme Kheser Namgyel Wangchuck forever and evergreen!


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