Oh, my Lord

HE Khenpo Thubtan Dorji
HE Khenpo Thubtan Dorji Rinpoche

Oh, my lord!

I shall try best to serve 

And dedicate services under your feet

Though I am miles away

No boundary exists for the devotion and faith

I shall reverse you

Oh, my lord!

Recalling every voices of your

Just increase the faith and devotion

Guiding me every now and then

To right path of Buddhahood

Shall connect us together

Oh, my lord!

Never leave me alone

Take me every ever you wish

I shall follow your foot step

In short span of time

I owe your inspiration

Oh, my lord!

I am indebted you

Showering light upon light

Inspiration upon inspiration

Wisdom upon wisdom

Thus, utmost dedication and faith shall remain evergreen!  

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