Where are we going wrong?

Life has a tricky journey. We will never escape from the clouds of joyful, sorrow, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, anger, and an ego. Some clouds could be a reason in life, for not cooperating with each other. It could be not fulfilling each other’s wishes and desires. Maybe we remind people time and again, so they get used to it. Maybe some do not have the heart to listen at all for other person. I am still not getting an answer? Now questioning where are we going wrong?

In my experience, it is not a first, and last I received a bad response from the people. In order to resolve the issues, I have taken so many measures but aren’t working well. So no improvement, no improvement at all, and things remind the same as it is. Whatever I tried, it fails several times only on some occasions I could convince. Sometime when I could not get any strategy then I remind silent. But reminding silent does not fulfill what I am supposed to stand. I am frustrated time and again, regret is regret that life has to go like that. My frustration pours time and again since no improvement whether I remind them politely, harshly, or through short-circuit. I think I am wasting my time and energy emphasizing and making everyone come on one goal for a larger picture. Since I have come across various people of age, high, status, ego, attitude, emotion, and jealousy, who have indifference stand and view.

I think some people around will recall and regret not taking up suggestions, proposals, and discussions where-ever when options were given instead they gave their stand for sake of opposition. When-ever, I propose I fail to reach that right information due to their ignorance. Only now I realize that people have no heart and soul to listen but ignore like that. If what I am doing is not getting with their mind, it is ok. I have no say hereon. I promise to work harder to satisfy my self instead of impressing them. These days people hardly appreciate it.

So when we are working for the larger picture, we need to question oneself where are we going wrong? If wrong we need to correct. If we are right there is nobody to appreciate. If we make a mistake then everyone is there to point with the bulging eye. When such incidents occur I think we are living at this degenerate time. It is better to focus and realize the teaching of one’s own root teacher (TSA-WAI-LAMA) to regain the merits of what we are doing to serve the society we are living in.

Thank you

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