Pulling down competitors does not guarantee you success!

Life is just like a flowing river stream. If we are not careful things might get wrong at any time in our life. The forces of river steam are determined by the season. Like-wise while working in an organization/institutes, the possibility of facing a challenge is sure. All these challenges were internal as well as external conflict.

Now, the question is have you ever experience people pulling you down? Are they possessive to what you are doing? Do they undermine you? Have you known them for showing double face at the workplace? Do they give you a serious threat to your career? Have you experienced some of them consider you as a potential competitor to him/her? If so what is your way forward to resolve conflict?

It is said that ‘sugar and salt look the same. Be careful who you trust’. Therefore, the most dangerous creature on this planet is a fake friend. Of course, we should also not forget where one comes from? Keeping in mind who you are presenting and dealing with is more important in this context of the modern era. We never know who we are referring too. Things might get worse if one doesn’t know how to convey a message as one present and say deliberately.

Sometimes we encounter good people who wish to guide us. Some time person wishes to be a good person to assist and understand. But still then one has to be alert with contemporary friends. One could never understand their fickle mind. They might think you are a competitor to him/her after interaction for a long time. Thus, we should be mindful of presenting and saying what nothing to others.

I thought for a while, I think now I have to be quiet and silent in representing others’ perspectives. Because representing others’ thoughts is good but in reality, one is just wasting his own effort without any credit in the long-run. There will be only a few to acknowledge, most of them will grumble. Therefore, effort+wrong tools only give no result.

Although we are a free man. We can have our own views and perspectives, but the reality is different. In my life, I think I should take a good lesson. I will not compare myself with others. Because I believe that ‘everyone has their own role to play’. I will never pull my competitor instead, shall seek their wisdom to grow along and work together. Thus, in one profession, perfect posture, perfect equilibrium, perfect balance is not only desirable. it is a matter of life and death.

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