Random thought: April 16, 2021

I heard enthusiastic news. I wish I am one of to influence a decision then. If that is true I would definitely accept it. That is what everyone is looking for. Is it really worrying/concerning? I wish if I could postulate such a position. An understanding of such an allegation is questionable.  Who never knew someone is working and investing time and energy for self-grow only.

All people are not the same. We have different characters; we have indifferent views and opinions. We do not pose the same ideological work ethics. Some are great talkers. Some are doers. Some are listeners. Some are problem creators. Some are idealist people. Some are in a delusion mood. Some are opportunistic. Some wanted to pose their leadership skills ideally. There are various characters of people.

Some are sacrificing and patriotism. These are the individuals whose dedication and hard work would progress toward success. These people will keep their personal interest at second and the vision of the society as a first.

Let people speak and say whatever they wish. After all in the end what matters is personal integrity not what someone says/accused. We observed sometimes people are good at judging at the wrong place. What we need to realize is to be the judge; one must never take decisions and judgments at the wrong place and the wrong time. This will only create unnecessary tussles in the society we are living in. Let’s judge people at the right time and right place to ensure peace and order in the society.

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