We are born without title. So nothing is permanent.

I am born without a title. So I will die without a title. What we are doing in a daily is not a permanent. It can be a change because of natural calamities or sometimes by the authority for indifference. We can see that many people around us are indifference in nature. Their hopes, desires, wishes, prayers and expectations are always indifference. In a rare case likely to have like-minded people working together for the interest of the organisation/common causes.

That’s why I do not consider my current position as a programme leader is a permanent status that I can carry over till I am alive. It is just a duty-bound role created by the system for the effective management of programme. As a leader, it is my sincere responsibility to work according to the system and abide by the regulations. I will give my 100% dedication. I will try to be a quick learner, the decision maker, and the risk taker. These were only the solution that could drive a programme forward.

During my tenure as a programme leader of BA in Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies, I will not only try for an effective organisation but also to enhance the academic quality of BHS graduates. I will not consider myself a boss to act but strive to act as a manager to manage the programme in an efficiency way. To run the programme, cooperation from students, colleagues, and support and guidance of management is necessary. If we are to success, we need to work as a team and achieve together. That’s what I felt.

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