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A Happy Blessed Water Day༼ཁྲུས་འབབ་བཀྲིས་བདེ་ལེགས༽

Tomorrow is Thrulbab another special day for the Bhutanese people to enjoy. According to Dr Phuntsho, K. (2018) “it literally means descent of blessed water and refers to the blessing which falls on the waters on earth.” This explains that Trhuebab do not link with the rainy season, nor that of English translation is correct as Blessed Rainy Day. Thus, Trthuebab means blessed drops of water.

In our oral tradition, most of us believed and worship this festival as the most auspicious day. An astrologer foretell us that this auspicious day comes in a year is sacred. That’s why we can take a bath mindful than a normal bath that we take every day. However, the timing of the blessed water fall also differs every year. Sometime, it lasts for just a day, two days or for a week long. This year we are lucky it will last for a week, i.e. from 24-30th September to 1st October 2019. We believe that if we take the bath all our diseases will be cured and the person will stay healthy. It may depend on one’s wishes and prayer how you make. Sometime we might wash many a time still than face illness and so on that could be because we do not know how to provoke god and make a prayer and wishes in a way that is done. 

Sometime, instead of celebrating “A Happy Blessed Water Day,” we are driven by celebrating grant feast (gathering) among family and community. I feel it is important to socialise as a group, a family and the communities together but more than that simple celebration with the pure intention of heart without harming other’s life is the must.

So enjoy this traditional festival of Bhutan whole heartily. I wish you all the happy descent of blessed water the day.

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