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Courtesy Vs. Respect is perplexed in nature

Photo depict’s courtesy and respect to Director of Academic Affair, RUB

Sometimes the education we received is in vain if one doesn’t know how to implement it in a practical way. Critic’s ‘ll criticize, the writer will write, a speaker will speak, willing to listen will listen to behave in a proper way according to our tradition and custom.

Over the years, the most striking events I have personally observed is most of the educated pupils are perplexed between courtesy and respect. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing to perplexed between two words. Courtesy means polite behavior or good manners that one represents in the public. E.g., offering a place to seat for another person, wishing hello/kuzuzangpo la, thanking person after his help, etc,… Sometimes, it strikes me that courtesy is also taken into consideration as a form of respect. I believe that it is one form of Bhutanese tradition and custom to show our warm hospitality to guest and some unknown/first time we meet people without any reservation.

On the other hand, term respect is to feel or show admiration/appreciation/reverence and deference toward somebody or something. I’d like to point out that there is an immense difference between courtesy and respect. Respect is to do with the sacrifices of individuals right and being in line with law and order of the nation. E.g., respect the law, respect another’s privacy, etc,… If one is not aware of what is respect, high time to reflect before it is too late and regrets. Because attitude and behavior one represent will definitely destroy one’s reputation just like saying; “the first impression is the last impression”. 

Sometimes, it is exasperating, awful, furious, dull, and stringy to learn perplexed between courtesy and respect among the educated people. I’d say that behave like an educator and make the right choices to represent what you are. But don’t mistake the author’s opinion that he is demanding some sort of courtesy and respect. Till date and so far I have never demanded any form of respect and courtesy but reminded to the like-minded pupils to behave according to natural acceptance.

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