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Lama Ngawang Chogyel’s Advise

H.E.Lama Ngawang Chogyel’s Incarnate Trulku

I have heard a lot about 15th-century Drukpa master Lama Ngawang Chogyel’s contribution to the propagation of Drukpa Kagyu in Bhutan and was the 15th throne holder of Druk Ralung. Accordingly, he was known for building first model dzong in Bhutan i.e., Doggar Dobji Dzong in 1531, built Chimi Lhakhang in 1499 and Pangrizanpa Lhakhang in 1529. With that inspiration, I always wish and thought to meet present reincarnation. It was only on November 3, 2018, my wishes turn into reality and have an opportunity to meet Lama Ngawang Chogyel’s trulku at Taktse. The moment I could see the glance of Rinpoche, I felt something fresh and as if going to receive something from Rinpoche. After waiting for a few minutes, we were called inside by his personal attendant.
Upon interacting with trulku for a half an hour many things got into my mind and clarify my doubts. Here are some of the key advise of Lama Ngawang Chogyel’s incarnation that I have noted;

  1. Talk with limitation is necessary to avoid further exaggeration.
  2. Receiving blessing (wang) from any Lama is must but to take him as root teacher (Tsawai Lama) need to analyze and do in-depth research on its lineage.
  3. Do not criticize Lama/Rinpoche and if you don’t feel devotion do not go nearby.
  4. Recitation of Long life prayer of one’s Tsawai lama (root teacher) is beneficial if one recites wholeheartedly will be able to recognize his/her Lama easily after death if one recipe every day.
  5. If one dies as we asleep or on the way is not a good sign. The best way to die is through pain and suffering. If death prolongs with illness for a longer period is a sign that no offering (jenba) is done.
  6. If we do patronage (Jenda) for religious purposes while alive will be good for the next life.
  7. At present when we have taken precious birth of human being accumulating merits is must for everyone.
  8. We have to afraid of drying at any time and be prepared accordingly.
  9. The relationship among the spiritual brother (Dorji puen) needs to maintain closely without distortion.
    The above points are key advice of Rinpoche, mainly emphasizing on the essence of human life what we need to do and avoid.
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